“Unless one knows his own weak point, he can never be certain that the weak point of his opponent is not a decoy”

Masaaki Hatsumi, Essence of Ninjutsu

Affiliated Dojos

Arkansas Bujinkan has students who have their own dojos. Part of the mission of the Bujinkan is to spread the understanding and learning of ninjutsu around the world. We are proud to have students open their own dojos in their home towns. Below are descriptions of their dojos and links or contact information if you are interested in training with these fine people.

Bujinkan San Marcos Dojo

Robert Lamkin is the Shdoshi instructor at this dojo in San Marcos, Texas. Robert has been training over 10 years and has made two trips to Japan. He currently holds the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt). For more information about this dojo, visit the website at http://rlthreeonline.com/smbujinkan/ or contact Robert at robertlamkiniii@yahoo.com.

Kamikokoro Dojo

Kamikokoro Dojo is in O'Fallon Missouri, just north of St. Louis. It is led by Scott Russell, 6th Dan.
Scott and his group adhere closely to the teachings of Soke Hatsumi, and offer a strong but friendly place to train.