Nature is your friend; it can help you win. Your enemy will have unnatural movement, therefore you will be able to know what he is doing before he does it.”

Masaaki Hatsumi, 4/95


Modern Applications Of Ninjutsu


Although Ninjutsu is a kubojutsu (ancient martial art, predating and existing during the samurai period), all of its skills and techniques have application for students today. Even the skills of the Shinobi no Juhappan that do not seem to apply (like Shinobi Iri) have modern application. At the Arkansas Bujinkan Dojo, we teach application of these ancient skills as they are important to people’s lives today. Weekly training wil show application of not only Taijutsu techniques for self defense, but also defenses against weapons (such as knife or gun attacks) and with weapons (such as the cane). Seminars are also offered dealing with applications of Ninjutsu in an urban environment and in wooded environments.

Urban Survival Seminar

The Ninja were considered by history and by us to be complete warriors. When combined with the Samurai arts adopted into the Bujinkan, we have a complete fighting system that covers many aspects of combat and warfare. Less focused on, but no less important than empty hands and weapons training are the other arts of the Ninja, such as Bo Ryaku (battle strategy), Shinobi Iri (infiltration and movement), Choho (intelligence gathering), Intonjutsu (“lying low”), Onshinjutsu (invisibility techniques), and Kyojutsu ten kan ho (the art of changing). This seminar seeks to begin to address these skills. It uses modern techniques observed in many different insurgent and indigenous groups, from the Vietcong, to the Contras and other rebels in South and Central America, to the people fighting against the American forces in Iraq. The seminar uses both lecture and practical exercises to transmit the basics of these skills.

Woodland Techniques for the Modern Ninja

This seminar focuses on the traditional areas of expertise of the ancient Ninja. These warriors were particularly adept at moving silently across long distances and infiltrating into enemy areas. This required the skills used in the Urban Survival Seminar, but in a different environment. This seminar is a full 2 ½ days and covers the following topics.

  • Night 1: Theory: Organization – From Ninja Clans to Modern Special Operations Forces (Includes a discussion of SOF, Roger’s Standing Orders) and Introduction to Silent movement.

  • Morning 1: Individual and Group Movement, Sight and Sound (how to move without being detected and how to detect others), Silent movement and movement to contact, Crossing danger areas, Tracking, Camouflage and Silent methods of communication.

  • Afternoon 1: Sentry removal – from Ninja Clans to SOF, Ambushes and allowing movement to pass and Capture the Flag exercise.

  • Night 2: Principles of seeing at night, Moving at night without being detected & Ambushing and attacking at night.

  • Morning 2: Evasion and Escape & Discussion of Survival