By opening his eyes and his mind, the NINJA can responsively follow the subtle seasons and reasons of heaven, changing just as change is necessary, adapting always, so that in the end there is no such thing as a surprise for the NINJA.”

Ninjutsu Hiketsu Bun

Philosophy - The Heart Is Key

The Japanese kanji representing “Nin” (which when combined with the kanji for “ja”, meaning a person, is what represents the familiar “ninja”) is formed from two kanji put together. The two kanji are yaiba (blade) over kokoro (heart). These two kanji come together to literally mean “sword over heart.” There are many interpretations for this kanji. The Japanese at the time of the ninja viewed a sword as the symbol of purity; therefore, this kanji can mean the ultimate (and alive) pureness of the heart. This symbol can also mean perseverance.

The essence of nin is the correct heart and mind. The warrior and philosopher Koshi wrote in the Bansensukai that not cultivating [the proper heart] will cause confusion and distress. It is this confusion, and especially the stress, that can be the cause of many problems in the lives of 21st Century Americans. Cultivating and possessing the correct heart and mind was a central part of the Ninja’s life, and it is a central reference point for training and membership in ABD.

We strive to attract students with the proper heart and mind. We then strive to enhance and further develop the heart and mind of the Ninjasuka. Out of control egos and bullying are not welcome in our training. Proper training requires all training partners to work together to benefit each other. We do not train for competition – either outside the dojo or within our training. Students will continually be evaluated on the development of the proper heart and mind. Those who do not strive to become better human beings, and those who do not progress along that path will not be encouraged to remain with the group.

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