“The training hall is not a plot of land or location, it is a space for enlightenment”

Masaaki Hatsumi, Essence of Ninjutsu, Page 11

The 18 Skills Trained at Arkansas Bujinkan Dojo


These are the different types of water techniques. This includes basic swimming and water survival as well as river crossings with equipment, walking and moving in water, and using water as a strategy. Taijutsu in a water environment will also be taught. Training will include work with underwater techniques, using a Shindake (a tube through which to breath) taken from the Togakure Ryu, and miz ugumo (water spiders).


These are techniques involving fire. In modern terms this means the employment of gunpowder and firearms (hojutsu), explosives (hajutsu), and other uses of fire such as flares and infrared devices (what could be called hijutsu). Practice in using a variety of firearms and employment of firearms in different situations will be trained on.


These are techniques of infiltration. Central to this skill is silent movement and stealth. Walking and moving in different environments and the ability to cover long distances quickly will be covered. Yoko Aruki (sideways walking) from the Koto Ryu will also be practiced. This skill also includes entering methods (including using ropes, rapelling, etc.). Students will also train with shuko and ashito, both as a method of fighting against weapons and as a method of climbing trees and entering structures. Also included in this training is the use of metsubushi (blinding or distracting techniques) and tetsubishi (small spiked objects). Also included will be techniques of kaiki (methods of entering locked or fortified areas).


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