“The training hall is not a plot of land or location, it is a space for enlightenment”

Masaaki Hatsumi, Essence of Ninjutsu, Page 11

The 18 Skills Trained at Arkansas Bujinkan Dojo


Closely related to shinobi iri is this technique (literally lying low). This also includes escape and evasion techniques, the art of concealment (uzura kakure no jutsu), and “invisibility techniques” (onshinjutsu). The primary training in this skill will be different types of camouflage and other methods of moving and hiding undetected. This skill will also include Kyojutsu ten kan ho (the art of changing).


These are skills used in meteorology. This includes predicting the weather and dealing with the weather in operations and activity. Astronomy, especially as it relates to the ability to determine direction by using the stars, will also be taught. Students will also practice moving and operating at night. Finally, the affect of weather on the opponent as well as your own attitude will also be addressed.


These are techniques of geography. The primary skill here will be map reading, topography, and the ability to move about on the ground.


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