“The training hall is not a plot of land or location, it is a space for enlightenment”

Masaaki Hatsumi, Essence of Ninjutsu, Page 11

The 18 Skills Trained at Arkansas Bujinkan Dojo


Bo Ryaku is the art of battle strategies. At the most basic level, Bo Ryaku will include facing and overcoming an opponent. At intermediate levels, tactics for facing multiple opponents will be trained. More advanced instruction will include strategies for deal with groups groups. The historical organization of Ninja clans will be examined, especially as it relates to the employment of unconventional forces.


These are techniques of disguise and impersonation. They are somewhat different than intonjutsu, and are more closely related to choho techniques. These are techniques for advanced practitioners.


This is the elements and techniques of espionage. These are techniques for advanced practitioners only. Much of the material for this training is drawn from the Gyokushin Ryu.


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